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My homepage is here; it mentions all you want to know about me.

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[edit] Characters

Unicode characters can be found in hex form (preceded by &#x) or in dec form (preceded by &#). In both cases a semicolon (;) ends the character;

[edit] Example

Hex versus dec:

𝔸 = 𝔸 gives: 𝔸 = 𝔸 and 𝕂 = 𝕂 gives   𝕂 = 𝕂   See: 1D400 charts

Some &#x21yyy; characters:

ℂ = ℂ   ℝ = ℝ   See: 2100 chart

Some more &#84yy = &#x21yy characters from 2100 chart:

ℏ   ∲  ∮   ∫   ℬ

℀   ℁   ℂ   ℃   ℄   ℅   ℆   ℇ   ℈   ℉   ℊ   ℋ   ℌ   ℍ   ℎ   ℏ   ℐ   ℑ  

ℒ   ℓ   ℔   ℕ   №   ℗   ℘   ℙ   ℚ   ℛ   ℜ   ℝ  

℞   ℟   ℠   ℡   ™   ℣   ℤ   ℥   Ω   ℧   ℨ   ℩  

K   Å   ℬ   ℭ   ℮   ℯ   ℰ   ℱ   Ⅎ   ℳ  

From 1F00 chart:

ἀ ἐ   ή   ἡ

1D400 series:
𝒯   𝒮   𝔽   𝒫   𝒬

Composite symbols: 0300 series:

c̅   x̅   Ĥ   Ô

[edit] Written for Knowino

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