Group theory for physical chemists, SM124B, 2009, 5EC

Lecturer: Gerrit Groenenboom

date, time, room, topic

1:MondaySeptember 14, 200910:45-12:30HG01.029 (I) p1-10, group postulates
2:ThursdaySeptember 17, 200913:45-15:30HFML0220 (I) p11-24, multiplication table, S3, C3v, subsets, subgroups, centralizer, normalizer, center
3:ThursdaySeptember 24, 200913:45-15:30HG.01.029(I) p25-39, Cosets, Mappings of groups; exercises 1+2+3+4 (p77)
4:ThursdayOctober 1, 200913:45-15:30HG.01.029(I) p36-50, fibers of homomorfic mapping, classes, exercises 5+6+7
5:ThursdayOctober 8, 200913:45-15:30HG.01.029(I) p50-60, ambivalent classes, class-constants, conjugate subroups, factorgroups, exercises 8+9+10+(11)+12+13
6:ThursdayOctober 15, 200913:45-15:30HG.01.029(I) p61-76, product groups, exercises 14-17.
7:ThursdayOctober 22, 200913:45-15:30HG.01.029(I), exercises 18-23'
8:ThursdayOctober 29, 200913:45-15:30HG.01.029all of part (I)
9:FridayNovember 13, 200913:30-15:30LIN 5Deeltentamen I (note scan of answers exercises below)
10:FridayNovember 20, 200913:45-15:30HG01.057(II) p. 1-18 Matrix representations
11:FridayNovember 27, 200913:45-15:30LIN 9 p 18-27, equivalence of representations, (ir)reducible representations
12:FridayDecember 4, 200913:45-15:30HG01.057Schur Lemmas 28-31
13:TuesdayDecember 15, 200913:45-15:30HG.03.082Schur relations, page 32-38
13:FridayDecember 17, 200913:45-15:30HG01.057cancelled
14:FridayJanuary 15, 201013:45-15:30HG01.057page 39-48
15:FridayJanuary 22, 201013:45-15:30HG01.057page 48-59
16:FridayJanuary 29, 201010:30-12:30HG01.029questions (MORNING)
17:ThursdayFebruary 4, 201013:45-15:30HG 00.068Deeltentamen II


Lecture notes (Dutch)

Answers to excercies


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