Imaging dipolar collisions

Collisions between polar molecules imaged over four decades of collision energy!
Science 379, 6636 (2023)

Microwave field-linked states

Ultracold molecules with controllable dipole-dipole interactions and "field-linked" scattering resonances!
Nature 614, 59 (2023)

Sticking in electric fields

Ultracold molecules stick together for five orders of magnitude longer when a small electric field is applied.
Phys. Rev. Lett. 129, 243401 (2022)

Evaporative cooling

Microwave shielding enables efficient evaporative cooling of NaK molecules.
Nature 607, 677 (2022)

Hard-collision glory scattering

Unexpected forward scattering in molecular collisions with large amounts of energy transfer.
Nature Chemistry 14, 664 (2022)


Dr. Tijs Karman

  • 2021-
    Assistant professor, Radboud University Tenured June 2022
  • 2018-2021
    Post-doctoral fellow, ITAMP, Harvard NWO Rubicon grant and ITAMP fellowship
  • 2017-2018
    Post-doc, Durham University, with Jeremy Hutson
  • 2013-2017
    Ph.D., Radboud University, with Gerrit Groenenboom

CTC Symposium April 6 2023

We're organizing in Nijmegen the Spring Symposium of the Computational and Theoretical Chemistry division of the KNCV Royal Netherlands Chemical Society, see the symposium website for more information.

Computer codes available

Open source computer code is available through gitlab. This currently contains our code for the computation of the density of states and photo-excitation rate of molecule-molecule collision complexes.


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