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A simplex is a mathematical object, analogous to a triangle. Every simplex has a dimension, which is a nonnegative integer; an n-simplex means a simplex of dimension n.

  1. A 0-simplex is just a point.
  2. A 1-simplex is an interval or line segment.
  3. A 2-simplex is a filled-in triangle.
  4. A 3-simplex is a solid tetrahedron.
  5. The standard n-simplex is the set Δn of points x=(x_0,\dots,x_n)\in [0,1]^n for which the sum of coordinates is equal to 1. For example, the standard 2-simplex is the shape of the corner of a cube if it is sliced off at an angle to produce a solid with three similar triangular faces (parts of the sides of the cube) and one larger, equilateral triangular face.
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