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[Work in progress.]

Nearly all material on Knowino is created by a community of volunteer editors.


encyclopedic content

Random notes...


[edit] Forking

See Knowino:Dispute resolution#Content disputes for an explanation of when and how to fork articles.

[edit] Introduction

[edit] Types of content

[edit] Style

[Still under development—please add your own suggestions! This section, and its sub-sections, should probably be changed to paragraph form and made more direct and concise.]

We need to cater for two main categories of users: those who are looking around casually and soaking up knowledge (the "browsers"), and those who are looking for specific information (the "searchers"). To accommodate "browsers", we need to write articles that are enjoyable to read from start to finish, so a sense of narrative flow and a coherent structure are essential aspects of a good article. And, to help "searchers" locate the information they're looking for, articles need to highlight key details to make them easy to find. Simply put, articles should be enjoyable to read.

[edit] Narrative

[edit] Linking

[edit] Conciseness

[edit] Illustrations

[edit] Article certification

For information on how to certify articles, please see our article certification help.
[to be filled in...]
The article has been casually checked by a reviewer who found no obvious factual errors.
A reviewer has carefully read through the article and determined that, in his or her opinion, its content is factually accurate.
The article has gone through a process of rigorous community scrutiny and been recognised for its outstanding quality.

[edit] Exclusion criteria

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