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The Community Council is [will be] a group of seven people who are responsible for leading Knowino and representing the community's interests both within and outside the project. Functions of the Community Council [will] include, for the time being:

The Community Council is committed to fairness, honesty, and transparency in its communications. Resolutions may be drafted in private, but a detailed rationale will be provided for decisions that are not immediately intuitive.

[edit] Elections

Elections are held for the Community Council on a yearly basis. Any editor who uses an account under his or her own real name and is in good standing may be nominated, and all editors are encouraged to vote. A form of approval voting is used, whereby voters can support or oppose as many candidates as they choose, although they can only vote once per candidate. After a week, the election ends, and the seven candidates with the highest proportion of support to opposition form the new Community Council.

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