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The coulomb, abbreviated C, is the SI unit of electric charge. It is defined as the amount of charge passing a point in one second in a circuit with one ampere of current.

The coulomb is named for Charles-Augustin de Coulomb (1736 - 1806), a French physicist who developed the law of electrostatic attraction and repulsion, named Coulomb's law in his honor.

The coulomb is a derived unit in the SI, equal to 1 A·s.

C = A ⋅ s

One coulomb is −6.241 509 647 ·1018 times the charge e of an electron.[1]

[edit] Sources

  1. 1 |e| = 1.602 176 487(40) × 10−19 C from NIST; value retrieved 8 July 2008
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