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[edit] Original source

Euler's theorem and its proof are contained in paragraphs 24-26 of the appendix (Additamentum. pp. 201-203)

L. Eulero (Leonhard Euler)
Formulae generales pro translatione quacunque corporum rigidorum (General formulas for the translation of arbitrary rigid bodies),

presented to the St. Petersburg Academy on October 9, 1775, and first published in

Novi Commentarii academiae scientiarum Petropolitanae 20, 1776, pp. 189-207 (E478)

and was reprinted in

Theoria motus corporum rigidorum, ed. nova, 1790, pp. 449-460 (E478a)

and later in his collected works

Opera Omnia, Series 2, Volume 9, pp. 84 - 98.
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