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Artificial Intelligence Markup Language (AIML) is an XML compliant language created to store data to drive a dialog engine. Responses to various stimulus phrases are stored in an organized way. These responses are optionally recursive in nature.

AIML was used to win the Lobner (Turing test) Prize in AI in three different years. There are AIML engines in Python, C++, Java and other languages. AIML processes word oriented data; punctuation and capitalization are generally ignored.

[edit] Example

What does AIML look like? Consider: hello_world.aiml

<?xml ?>
    <pattern>hello alice</pattern>
    <template>Hello world</template>
sample output: ------------
you say > hello alice
alice > hello world

[edit] Tags

Various tags exist in aiml.

<aiml>      the root tag
<category>  a stimulus-response pair
<pattern>   a stimulus
<template>  a response
*, <star/>  wild card characters
<srai>      recursive response tag
<set>       set a variable value
<get>       get a variable value
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