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The Lucasian chair is a professorship in mathematics at the University of Cambridge (UK). It was established by Henry Lucas, a Member of Parliament for the university from 1639 to 1640, who endowed it magnificently, according the standards of the day, with an annual stipend of £100, more or less. This was in 1663. The first holder, Isaac Barrow, delivered his inaugural series of lectures in 1664, beginning on 14 March. On 29 October 1669 he was succeeded by Isaac Newton, who held the chair until 1701, although he was appointed Warden of the Mint on 19 March 1696. The present holder is Stephen Hawking.

Holders of the Lucasian chair

Professor Life Dates Chair Dates Specialty

Isaac Barrow 1630-1677 1664-1669Classics/Mathematics
Sir Isaac Newton 1642-1727 1669-1701Mathematics/Physics
William Whiston 1667-1752 1702-1710Mathematics
Nicolas Saunderson 1682-1739 1711-1739Mathematics
John Colson 1680-1760 1739-1760Mathematics
Edward Waring 1736-1798 1760-1798Mathematics
Isaac Milner 1750-1820 1798-1820Mathematics/Chemistry
Robert Woodhouse 1773-1827 1820-1822Mathematics
Thomas Turton 1780-1864 1822-1826Mathematics
Sir George Airy 1801-1892 1826-1828Astronomy
Charles Babbage 1792-1871 1828-1839Mathematics/Computing
Joshua King 1798-1857 1839-1849Mathematics
Sir George Stokes 1819-1903 1849-1903Physics/Fluid Mechanics
Sir Joseph Larmor 1857-1942 1903-1932Physics
Paul Dirac 1902-1984 1932-1969Physics
Sir M. James Lighthill 1924-1998 1969-1980Fluid Mechanics
Stephen Hawking 1942- 1980- Theoretical Physics

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