With the event of video cards/ GPU's becoming more powerful, it became possible to execute small programs on the GPU to do image processing. The language used for this is the 'shader' language. The opengl version of molden (gmolden) has a number of image postprocessing options available under 'pallette' icon. These include blur, occlusion and real time shadows.
NOTE: The shader programs do not work over the network. Using Xwindows emulators under windows will not open up the extra shading options. You will have to run gmolden locally on linux/macosx with hardware accelerated graphics drivers installed.

Gmolden OpenGL Gallery

Blurring of expanded crystal

Occlusion: Protein surface

Occlusion, detail: Protein surface

Shadows: plot of the HOMO

Shadows: Methotrexate docked in putative binding site