Using Molden as a viewer for chemical mime types

Using Molden as a viewer for chemical mime types

In electronic publications complex chemical information can be viewed by using dedicated software tools. (See Henry S.Rzepa et al). To accomplish this you have to tell your WEB Browser client, which viewer should be triggered by which type of chemical information (the so called MIME type). The user can define additional MIME Types via the .mailcap file in his home directory. To use molden add the following lines to this file:

chemical/x-pdb; molden -P %s
chemical/x-mopac; molden %s
chemical/x-moo; molden %s
chemical/x-gaussian; molden %s
chemical/x-gaussian-log; molden %s
chemical/x-xyz; molden -X %s
video/fli; xanim %s
video/mpg; xanim %s

(xanim is added for viewing the fli and mpeg animations)

When a Xmosaic client is already active, choose Reload Config Files under Options. NETSCAPE has to be restarted.

(See also How to View/Create animations with molden)

Once you have done this and molden is in your search path, you can view examples of electronic documents by Henry S.Rzepa and Hens Borkent.

Some HTML pages use files generated on the PC. molden has problems with these files. There is a small script that converts these PC files to Unix files prior to execution with molden it is called Molden. Make sure this script is in your search path (for example: /usr/local/bin) and that it is executable (UNIX: chmod ugo+rx Molden). Your .mailcap file should than contain the following references:

chemical/x-pdb; Molden -P %s
chemical/x-mopac; Molden %s
chemical/x-moo; Molden %s
chemical/x-gaussian; Molden %s
chemical/x-gaussian-log; Molden %s
chemical/x-xyz; Molden -X %s
video/fli; xanim %s
video/mpg; xanim %s