How to get a copy of Molden
Use mail to for questions, problems and/or remarks.

The latest version of Molden is available from the Center's Anonymous FTP site

How to get a copy:


	First read the CopyRight message
        and notice that free downloading is 
        only allowed for academic usage.
        Then follow the instructions below to retrieve the source or
	download the executable here
        (you have to make the binary executable: chmod ugo+x molden).
        PLEASE register as a Molden User.
        This will help to keep up the support for Molden.

        # disregard error message: failed to logon, This FTP server is anonymous only.
	ftp> user anonymous your_email_address
	ftp> cd pub/Molden
	ftp> binary
	ftp> passive
	ftp> get molden6.9.tar.gz
	ftp> quit
	gunzip molden6.9.tar.gz

	Or Click Here

	tar -xvf molden6.9.tar
	cd molden6.9


        will make the executables molden, gmolden, ambfor and surf in the directory 'bin'.

        make gmolden

        Will just make the interactive OpenGL version of Molden.

        Click here to see the supported platforms.
        Click here for pointers to compile molden from source on Linux.
        Click here for information on the WindowsNT/95/98/XP/Vista version of molden.
        Click Here for Molden6.8,gmolden6.8, ambfor6.8, ambmd6.8 and surf executables for MacOSX, created by the author 
        Click Here for instructions to compile the 64-bit version of molden5.7 for Mac OS X Sierra, by Massimiliano Arca.


By default the Xwindows version is built. If your machine does not support XWindows you can try make noxwin instead of make. You can build the OpenGL version of Molden by typing make gmolden.
For a VMS machine you have to do @make_vms instead of make and define the symbol molden, for example:

   molden == "$molden_dir:molden.exe"

You can test the X-Window version of molden by typing:

molden test/gamess.test > log           # a gamess output file
molden test/pdb.test > log              # a pdb file
molden test/* > log                     # all files form the test directory
                                        # the first file will be read
                                        # the others can be read by clicking
                                        # the "read file" button
molden                                  # the current directory can be accessed
                                        # via the "read file" button

If you are on a VMS machine use VMS file syntax, such as:

	set display/create/node=yourhost.domain/transport=tcpip
	molden [.test]gamess.test > log.txt

The Unix like redirection symbol > indicates the output file. For SunOs; use "limit datasize 20M" if not enough memory.