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Users employed by non-academic, for-profit organisations are required to receive authorization to download and use MOLDEN.
Print, complete, sign and email the license agreement to:

Dr. Gijs Schaftenaar

The license fee is € 1000.

A duly signed copy of the license agreement and an invoice will be returned by mail to licensee.

   Authorization to download and use MOLDEN by commercial (non-academic, 
   for-profit organisations) users is acquired by printing, completing, 
   signing and sending the below agreement to:

            Dr. Gijs Schaftenaar
            Theoretical Chemistry
            Radboud University of Nijmegen
            Heyendaalseweg 135
            6525 AJ Nijmegen, 
            The Netherlands

   License fees Non-Academic: 1000 euro

   A duly signed copy of the license agreement and an invoice will be returned 
   by mail to licensee. 

            MOLDEN Software license agreement.
            AGREEMENT, effective as of    ----


            Gijs Schaftenaar 


 	    ----		    ("Licensee")

   WHEREAS Dr. G. Schaftenaar has developed certain computer software and 
   Licensee desires to use that software,
   NOW, THEREFORE, the parties agree as follows:

1. License and Title

   a. Subject to the terms and conditions hereinafter set forth, 
      Gijs Schaftenaar hereby grants a perpetual, nonexclusive and 
      non-transferable license (the "License") to Licensee to use
      the computer software package known as MOLDEN, which is described more 
      fully in Schedule A hereto (the "Software"). This Agreement shall not 
      transfer any title or ownership rights in the Software, including 
      intellectual property rights embodied therein, which shall at all times 
      remain with Gijs Schaftenaar. The License is granted on the conditions 
      that the Software will be used solely by Licensee and its departmental 
      employees in its laboratory located in ("Licensee Department") for 
      research and/or teaching purposes, and that neither the Software, 
      its documentation, the related codes and data, or any changes, additions,
      modifications, improvements or alterations thereof, whether made by
      Gijs Schaftenaar or Licensee, shall knowingly be used by, made available 
      to, or disclosed to any other person or entity.

   b. Licensee may not make any copies of the Software, except for use on 
      computers owned or leased by Licensee in Licensee Department and one 
      copy made for archival or back-up purposes.

   c. Licensee may not change, modify, prepare derivative works from, add to, 
      or improve the Software without the Gijs Schaftenaar's prior written 
      consent. Licensee may not reverse engineer, decompile, disassemble, or 
      take any other steps to derive a source code equivalent of the Software.

   d. If this License is terminated for any reason whatsoever, Licensee will 
      destroy all copies of the Software, and in either event, certify in 
      writing that it has done so and has not retained any copies.

   e. The Software may be used by Licensee on only one or more computers that 
      it owns and leases in Licensee Department. Licensee shall provide Gijs 
      Schaftenaar promptly with the location and identification of such 
      machines, upon his request.

2. Delivery of Software
   a. Within a period of 3 days of the date or this Agreement, Gijs Schaftenaar 
      shall provide the Licensee with a password giving access to the directory 
      from which a copy of MOLDEN, more fully described in Schedule A, can be 
      FTP'ed to the Licensee's computer.

   b. It is understood that Gijs Schaftenaar will provide no maintenance or 
      installation services of any kind hereunder. Gijs Schaftenaar, in his 
      sole discretion, will use reasonable efforts to assist Licensee in 
      correcting errors brought to the his attention by Licensee, except that 
      he will not be considered in breach of this Agreement if it is unable 
      to do so.

3. Software charges.

   a. Licensee shall pay to Gijs Schaftenaar, upon invoice and within 30 days 
      of the date of this Agreement a fee of Euro 1000.

   b. In addition to the fee set forth in section 3a above, Licensee shall pay 
      any and all other costs which may be imposed as a result of this 
      Agreement or activities hereunder.

4. Confidentiality; Protection of Software and related Information.

   a. Licensee agrees that the Software and related materials shall be held in 
      confidence and are being provided by Gijs Schaftenaar for the exclusive 
      use of Licensee. Licensee will be responsible for maintaining and 
      securing on behalf of Gijs Schaftenaar the Software and related 
      materials in its possession or under its control. 


      (i)  will protect the Software and related materials in the same manner 
           that it protects its own confidential information;

      (ii) will knowingly permit access to the Software only to its authorized 
           employees and/or students designated by Licensee to use and maintain 
           the Software and will inform authorized employees and students who 
           will have access to the Software of the obligations of 
           confidentiality under this Agreement;

      (iii) except as permitted by section 1b above, will not duplicate all or 
            any part of the Software or related materials; and

      (iv) will not remove or destroy any proprietary notice on the Software 
           or related materials.

   b. Any termination of this Agreement and the License hereunder shall not 
      Licensee's obligations of confidentiality under this section 4.

5. Disclaimer of Warranties.      

   a. While the Software has been tested for accuracy and proper functioning, 
      Gijs Schaftenaar disclaims any responsibility for the accuracy or 
      correctness of the Software or for its use or application by Licensee. 

   b. Gijs Schaftenaar is licensing the Software to Licensee on an "as is" 
      basis. He and his employer make no representation or warranty, either 
      express or implied, of any kind, and hereby expressly disclaims any 
      warranties, representations or guarantees of any kind as to the software, 
      including but not limited to, any warranties of merchantability,
      adequacy or suitability of the software for any particular purpose or 
      to produce any particular result, and any warranties of freedom of 
      infringement of any patents, copyrights, trade secrets or other rights 
      of third parties. Neither Gijs Schaftenaar nor his employer(s) shall 
      have any liability to Licensee or any other person arising out of 
      the use of the Software by Licensee for any reason, including but not 
      limited to the unmerchantability, inadequacy or unsuitability of 
      the software for any particular purpose or to produce any particular 
      result, or the infringement of any patents, copyrights, trade secrets 
      or other rights of third parties, for any latent defects therein or the
      failure of Gijs Schaftenaar to provide Licensee with any modifications 
      or changes in the Software.

   c. In no event will Gijs Schaftenaar or his employers be liable to Licensee 
      or to any other party for any loss or damages, incidental, consequential, 
      indirect or otherwise, including, but not limited to time, money, or good 
      will, arising from the use or operation of the Software by Licensee. 
      In no event shall Gijs Schaftenaar's liability to Licensee exceed 
      the payments made by Licensee pursuant to this Agreement.

6. Indemnity.      

      Licensee shall hold harmless, defend and indemnify Gijs Schaftenaar and 
      his employers, from and against any damages, suits, claims, liabilities, 
      costs, and expenses (including actual attorneys' fees), of any type 
      whatsoever, arising out of or relating to, directly or indirectly, 
      the improper, unauthorized, negligent or wrongful use or operation of 
      the Software by Licensee. Licensee shall reimburse Licensor for any 
      costs incurred by Licensor in enforcing this provision.

7. Use of Name.      

      Licensee will not use the name of Gijs Schaftenaar or his employers for 
      any purpose whatsoever without their written consent. Except when citing 
      the use of Molden is scientific publications.

8. Termination.      

   a. Gijs Schaftenaar may terminate this Agreement and the License granted 
      hereunder upon 30 days written notice of Licensee's material breach of 
      the Agreement and Licensee's failure to cure the breach within 30 days 
      of receipt of said notice. Sections 4, 6 and 7 shall survive the 
      termination or expiration of this Agreement.

   b. Licensee may terminate this Agreement and the License hereunder upon 
      30 days written notice to Gijs Schaftenaar; such termination will be 
      effective upon compliance with Section 1d above.

9. General Provisions.      

   a. Notice. Any notice or other communication required or permitted to be 
      given under this Agreement shall be sufficient if in writing and shall 
      be considered given when mailed by registered mail to the parties at 
      the following addresses:

      If to Gijs Schaftenaar:

                         Dr. G. Schaftenaar
                         Theoretical Chemistry
                         Radboud University of Nijmegen
                         Heyendaalseweg 135
                         6525 AJ Nijmegen, The Netherlands

      If to Licensee: 

   b. Assignment. This Agreement and all rights and obligations hereunder may 
      not be assigned, sublicensed or transferred by Licensee without the 
      prior written consent of Gijs Schaftenaar.

   c. Governing Law.  This Agreement shall be governed by Dutch Law applicable 
      to agreements made and to be performed in The Netherlands.

   d. Entire Agreement; Amendment. This Agreement sets forth the entire 
      agreement between the parties and supersedes all previous agreements, 
      written, or oral, concerning the subject matter thereof. This Agreement 
      may not be changed or terminated orally.

      IN WITNESS WHEREOF, the parties hereto have duly executed this 
      Agreement as of the day and year written below: 

           Gijs Schaftenaar:

           date:   ...................


           Name:  ................................
           Title: ...............................        
           date:  ...................................


      MOLDEN. An interactive visualization program for chemical structures, 
      orbitals, total electron density, difference density, and electrostatic 
      potential, ESP charges and Distributed Multipole Analysis. 
      MOLDEN reads output from the ab-initio programs Gaussian, Gamess-US and 
      Gamess-UK. In addition it reads chemx, PDB, a variety of mopac/ampac 
      files and cartesian Xmol format.
      The X-window version of MOLDEN supports interactive creation and 
      inspection of Z-matrices.
      Molden supports generation and display of secondary structure information 
      of protein structures.
      MOLDEN supports contour plots, 3-d grid plots with hidden lines and 
      a combination of both. It can write a variety of graphics instructions; 
      XWindows, tektronix4014, hpgl, postscript, hp2392 and Figure.
      MOLDEN is supplied for downloading as executable code for a variety of 
      platforms or source code if for the platform required there is no 
      executable code available.